• Origins
    My first memories of photography, like so many people, are of the family photos. Unlike most family photographs mine were more artistic in nature. I recall my fathers two-and-a-quarter-inch bellows camera with an offset viewfinder, but it was the product of that camera, my father’s eye, and his darkroom skills that set our family photos… Read more: Origins
  • Brecon Beacons
    The idea for this project started with researching the old iron works that scatter the landscape of the Brecon Beacons. Over a hundred years ago these lands were ransacked for their natural resources, but now are regarded as an area of out standing nature beauty. As I started photographing and walking the area the realisation… Read more: Brecon Beacons
  • Wye Valley Railway
    Between Chepstow and Monmouth ran the Wye Valley railway from 1876 until its final closure in 1990. The last passengers rode on the train in the 1950’s prior to the closure of soo many of Britains passengers lines with the nationalising of the railways. This hidden railway weaved down hidden corridors of trees and under… Read more: Wye Valley Railway
  • Caerleon
    Caerleon has a long history with the only constant being change. From myths and legends through to Netflix blockbuster TV Shows. In Caerleon’s history there are stories of king Arthur settling here, but the most obvious piece of history is the Roman settlement with its fortress, baths, barracks and amphitheatre some of the best preserved… Read more: Caerleon

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