Wye Valley Railway

Between Chepstow and Monmouth ran the Wye Valley railway from 1876 until its final closure in 1990. The last passengers rode on the train in the 1950’s prior to the closure of soo many of Britains passengers lines with the nationalising of the railways. This hidden railway weaved down hidden corridors of trees and under hills of solid limestone. Most people passed by without noticing this part of history forgotten to days gone by of steam trains and “faster travel”.

Like so many things forgotten by society they become the playground for the young and minority groups. This 15 mile long channel through the landscape is covered with the flotsam and jetsam of those that see this space between society as their own.

Several years after completing this project the railway was reclaimed as a cycle path as part of a community project. https://www.wyevalleygreenway.org

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